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Your Second Year Mark  
My cherished son,
Tonight we gathered here and lit candles for you.All of your sisters, and nieces and nephews,grandma, harold, susan, michael, nathan, shannon and me.Because we love you, because you will never be forgotten.We read poems and shared stories about the good times.I hope you were here with us, that you felt the love we have and will always have for remain part of our lives, and we will keep you in our hearts forever.

My Son  
Jake has the most beautiful brown eyes, and the most precious smile.He lit up everyday he was here.He was so silly,and liked making people laugh.I am so proud of my baby boy.


You will always remain
A light in our lives
An eternal flame
That will never die.

Your smile, so giving
Your laughter, so pure
Will remain in our hearts and souls
Moments in time,
Forever cherished.

Your quiet calmness,
Your serene spirit
Your air of giving
So freely to others

Your hopefulness for the future
Shines on in our lives
Like the brightest star
On the coldest night

Forever and always
We will swear
You will not be forgotten
In our hearts,
You are always there.

Never Apart  

Never Apart

I can't see your smile,

But i will never forget your laughter.
I can't see your face,
But I will never forget the way you look.
I can't hold you in my arms,
But I will never forget your touch.
Forever these memories I hold in my heart
Though we are far away,
We are never apart
Author Unknown

Forever Loved  

Forever loved

Forever is not a time
It is so many minutes
So many memories

One minute can be remembered
For a lifetime,
While years can pass without a second look

So when I say I will love you forever,
I do not mean until time ends
Or until the world does not spin

I mean until my eternal soul
Has faded into the stars
I mean until there never was a beginning,
And never will be an end

That is my forever
Until then,
My love will be

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