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Angel Date 2013  / Mama

I miss you so much my baby boy. I hate that it's been so long since I've seen you, heard you, touched you.There are so many things you have missed.So many nieces and nephews that won't get to know you.I wonder what your life would be like now.You would be 24 and I can picture you with a family and living your life and it breaks my heart.I know you are in heaven and in a better place.But I miss you so much. I wish heaven could have waited.

Love, mama

Angel Date 2012  / Mama
My Jake is still so missed and loved. There are so many things he missed being able to do- learn to drive, have a girlfirend, go to high school, grow up, have kids. And so many things we have missed about him, so many changes, new family members, family times, when he wasn't physically there. I believe his spirit and soul are still with us. That he still is around and sees what's going on, that at times I can feel him so close. But I still have an emptiness inside, an aching in my heart to see him, hear him, rub his head. My heart really does feel broken, I feel the pain in my chest, sometimes it's sharp like a knife, sometimes it throbs like a tooth ache, but it's always there. I long for the day I can be with my Jake again.
birthday 2010  / Mama
Happy Birthday Jake

We celebrate your birthday
With balloons and memories.
So many fun times and adventures
So many ways you made us laugh.
You always remain in our hearts
And we feel you when we are together.
We are so glad you are part of our life journeys

We sent this poem with our balloons.
Christmas / Mama

My Baby Boy
It's Christmas Morning 
And through all of the babies' excitement
I think of you,
Remembering Christmasses past,
And Christmasses I thought would be.
I know you are with us today, 
I just wish your physical body was too.
Oh, how I want to rustle your hair
And give you such a big hug,
I would never let go.
I love you so
My Jake

fourth angel date  / Mama

My sweet baby boy,
Tonight we came together again to honor you,
share memories about you,
share our love for you.
We lit candles in the form of a cross,
and talked of so many funny stories,
bittersweet now.
But always with love for you forever,
until we are together with you again

missing you again  / Mama

Missing you again,
like last night, like yesterday,
like every minute,
and not believing that soon it will be 4 years since we parted, since you left me behind.
The emptiness, the void, the pain
when will it end
When sometimes all i feel is the missing

what should have been  / Marian Wills (mama)

What should have been

All the should have beens wander around,
They hang in the air like mists.
Every now and then,
I get a glimpse of what should have been.
In your friend's smile,
 In the way your sisters have grown,
In any boy that is your age then and now.
Abandoned dreams haunt my mind,
Saying do you remember when?
When there was a future, when the past was not important, when the present contained peace and joy.
It has been replaced,
By what ifs and should have beens.

missing you  / Marian Wills (mama)
Jake, I miss you so.I know you are still here, and will always be with us.But I miss hearing your voice, seeing your smile, watching the funny things you do.You brightened every day you were here.Even now, in my dark hours, your memory fills my heart and I smile through my tears.I love you so my son,
Love, mama
3rd angel date  / Marian Wills (mama)
My sweet baby boy,
Tonight you have been gone for 3 long, hard years.  We went to the cemetary and lit candles around your stone.  So much love for you was there.  I am sure you saw us, and you were with us.  You will always be a part of our lives and our hearts.  You will never be forgotten.
losing you  / Marian Wills (mama)

My Jake,
So many tears tonight for you, for me, for what might have been
They continue to flow, even when I think there are none left
My heart, shattered already, breaks again
All the questions of why, all the regrets of what I could have done differently
Maybe if I would have kept you home, you might be here now
Oh God if i could go back, change that one thing, would I be crying now?
I would do it so quick, just for the chance that things would change
And risk all this pain again, to just try to have it undone,
And to have you home

to honor you  / Marian Wills (mama)
To Honor You

To honor you, I get up everyday and take a breath.
And start another day without you in it.

To honor you, I laugh and love with those who knew your smile
And the way your eyes twinkled with mischief and secret knowledge.

To honor you, I take the time to appreciate everyone I love,
I know now there is no guarantee of days or hours spent in their presence.

To honor you, I listen to music you would have liked,
And sing at the top of my lungs, with the windows rolled down.

To honor you, I take chances, say what I feel, hold nothing back,
Risk making a fool of myself, dance every dance.

You were my light, my heart, my gift of love, from the very highest
So everyday, I vow to make a difference, share a smile, live, laugh and

Now I live for us both, so all I do, I do to honor you.

Connie F. Kiefer Byrd
In Loving Memory of Jordan Alexander Kiefer
8/24/88 - 12/13/05
Birthday-2005 / Mama

Jake Wills

June 29, 1989-September 12, 2003

Don’t think of him as gone away

His journey’s just begun,

Life holds so many facets-

This earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting

From the sorrows and the tears

In a place of warmth and comfort

Where there are no days or years.

Think how he must be wishing

That we could know today

How nothing but our sadness

Can really pass away.

So think of him as living

In the hearts of those he’s touched..

For nothing loved is never lost-

And he is loved so much.

My Jake  / Mama
My Jake,
I think of you every morning, every night, and so much in between.How I wish you were here with me.I can picture you listening to your music with your big headphones on, or playing your video games, or chasing Matthew and Kee-Kee. You have another nephew now, Ashton, and another niece, Jasmine.Many times I see them laughing at the air and believe you are there.
Love you baby boy,
Memories / Mama   Read >>
Memories / Mama
Memories fleeting, Come quickly and leave, Sometimes so fast like a shadow. I wish I could hold them, Keep them still for a good look. Sometimes brought on by a song, a smell, something forgotten seen again. But always leave so quickly, If only I could hold my memories in my hand. Close
I Love You  / Elizabeth Wills (Sister)  Read >>
I Love You  / Elizabeth Wills (Sister)
I love you Jake, my brother. You are my friend and my angel. The Lord placed you in Heaven with him, for that my prayers have already been answered. I am absolutely positive 100%. I know you are happy and I still feel your presence, although you are not physically in front of me, you are still. We love you Jake, thank you for guiding me and for sending me your Love. I feel it very clear. One day I will be there with you and all of this will be as a dream. Until then my friend, my little baby brother, I am so thankful to have you in my family, for you are stronger than I am at this point. You are in a wonderful place with Jesus. I adore you. We all love you do much Jake and not a single day goes by that I don't feel your Presence and Love in my spirit. Thank you for Keeping Me Strong. Close
Marian / Barbara Jarrett   Read >>
Marian / Barbara Jarrett
It's hard to believe 10 years have passed and I can still picture myself sitting on the couch with you, having no clue what to do or say, knowing that neither would take away your shock and grief.  I cannot imagine the depths of your loss, but your devotion to your family and the strength and faith you have shown since that sad, sad day are a source of inspiration.  God bless you and your family.
Love you all,
Angel Date 2015  / Mama   Read >>
Angel Date 2015  / Mama
My sweet baby boy, I miss you so. I know you are with us still, but I so wish I could hold you, hear your voice. It's been so long. I know wherever you are, you feel my love for you. Sometimes, I feel your presence so close. I have faith one day we will be reunited. My soul will know your soul, and we will never have to part again. Close
December 2012  / Mama   Read >>
December 2012  / Mama

A Poem For Jake
Though I know I am blessed
For all the love I have,
My family and my friends,
I still feel the empty place inside.
The place of missing you, wishing you were here, of what ifs and whys

Though I know I am blessed
For having you a short time,
I still have regrets for the empty place at the table,
The present not bought,
The one not here.

Though I know I am blessed,
I know your presence is around me,
Your heart within mine,
Still I miss the hug, the kiss,
The smile, the future times.

Though I know I am blessed,
I long for one more time.

Birthday 2011  / Mama   Read >>
Birthday 2011  / Mama
My Sweet Jake
We sent balloons to heaven above
Hoping to show to you our love.
So you can see them in the sky
And know we will never say good-bye.
You are still with us in our hearts
We have you forever never to part
With Love
angel date 2009  / Marian Wills (mama)  Read >>
angel date 2009  / Marian Wills (mama)

My baby boy

Yesterday we gathered together to light candles for you.We shared stories like when you got your leg stuck in the fence at Wild Adventures and shooting the bb gun with your sisters and how you wanted to marry jenniper when you were five.Britanney read a poem that you wrote called yellow. We all m iss you so much. I miss you so much.God how I wish you were here.You would love playing with the babies and hanging out with Michael Lorne Harold and Jimmy.It's so unfair that you were taken from us. I love you so...


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