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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jake Wills who was born in Georgia on June 29, 1989 and passed away on September 12, 2003 at the age of 14. We will remember him forever.

My Jakey brought sunshine to my life.His smile brightened every day.He loved to make others happy.He even invented his own Shaggy Dance.He liked being silly and making his family and friends laugh.Isn't this one of the most important things to do?

Jake loved playing with his nephew and niece.He liked aggravating his sisters, and playing shoe tag at Chehaw Park.He enjoyed taking nature walks, swimming, and fishing.He loved playing video games, drawing, and listening to music.

My son was tender-hearted, fun-loving, and had a positive attitude about everything.His passing has left an emptiness inside our hearts.He will be remembered by myself, his three sisters, his nephews and nieces, his grandma, his aunt, his uncles, and his friends forever.He holds a special place in our hearts for all time.
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Tributes and Condolences
Angel Date 2013   / Mama
I miss you so much my baby boy. I hate that it's been so long since I've seen you, heard you, touched you.There are so many things you have missed.So many nieces and nephews that won't get to know you.I wonder what your life would be like now.You wou...  Continue >>
Angel Date 2012   / Mama
My Jake is still so missed and loved. There are so many things he missed being able to do- learn to drive, have a girlfirend, go to high school, grow up, have kids. And so many things we have missed about him, so many changes, new family members, fam...  Continue >>
birthday 2010   / Mama
Happy Birthday Jake We celebrate your birthday With balloons and memories. So many fun times and adventures So many ways you made us laugh. You always remain in our hearts And we feel you when we are together. We are so glad you are part of our life ...  Continue >>
fourth angel date   / Mama
My sweet baby boy,Tonight we came together again to honor you,share memories about you,share our love for you.We lit candles in the form of a cross,and talked of so many funny stories,bittersweet now.But always with love for you forever,until we are ...  Continue >>
missing you again   / Mama
Missing you again,like last night, like yesterday,like every minute,and not believing that soon it will be 4 years since we parted, since you left me behind.The emptiness, the void, the painwhen will it endWhen sometimes all i feel is the missinglove...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Your Second Year Mark  
My cherished son,
Tonight we gathered here and lit candles for you.All of your sisters, and nieces and nephews,grandma, harold, susan, michael, nathan, shannon and me.Because we love you, because you will never be forgotten.We read poems and shared stories about the good times.I hope you were here with us, that you felt the love we have and will always have for remain part of our lives, and we will keep you in our hearts forever.
My Son  
Jake has the most beautiful brown eyes, and the most precious smile.He lit up everyday he was here.He was so silly,and liked making people laugh.I am so proud of my baby boy.


You will always remain
A light in our lives
An eternal flame
That will never die.

Your smile, so giving
Your laughter, so pure
Will remain in our hearts and souls
Moments in time,
Forever cherished.

Your quiet calmness,
Your serene spirit
Your air of giving
So freely to others

Your hopefulness for the future
Shines on in our lives
Like the brightest star
On the coldest night

Forever and always
We will swear
You will not be forgotten
In our hearts,
You are always there.

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Jake fishing, age 12 , sent on balloons for birthday 2010
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